Monday, January 12, 2009

And it begins

If you've ever been to the MySpace page, you know this project began in April 2006. Here's how it got started!

I recently fell in love with photographing still life works. I photographed wine (booze being one of my favorite things) and then asked my friends what other items I should try next.
"Sex toys" was the overwhelming response.

When the thought of compiling vibrators drew some rather unhappy noises of disgust, I thought--hey--why not condoms?

So friends began bringing them by. Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles...the usual suspects.

Then a friend contributes one from a box that harkened back to the day she lost her virginity.

Another friend startles everyone by walking in to a dinner party and upon seeing me, saying "Oh! I forgot the condoms!" (It wasn't THAT kind of party!)

And then my DAD offers up a 40-year-old condom, wrapped in shiny see-through cellophane, from his own adolescence!

So now the condom project is well on its way.

I've got a dozen images ready to go and I'm in the process of printing up cards and a portfolio to take it on the road. Check back to find where my condom pictures and I might show up!

Take a look at the gallery!

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